Gold & Silver


Gold has seen an incredible increase in trading activity over the past several years, which is why many traders now look at gold as not just a store of wealth, but as a means to become wealthy. gives you access to the gold markets without the need to worry about storing and selling physical gold.

You can trade gold with our low spreads and high leverage to maximize your trading experience. makes it possible for you to trade gold right from the same account and platform that you use to trade Equities, Currencies, and Crude Oil.


Although Silver is a precious metal and sometimes moves in a similar fashion to Gold, because it is also an industrial metal it has its own trading dynamic. Silver prices can increase even as gold prices are decreasing.

Adding silver trading to your portfolio through can provide you with low spreads and low commissions when trading this “other” precious metal. It also allows you to use leverage and lower costs than trading through the traditional silver brokers.

You can get started with silver trading by opening an account with us. The account will give you access to all of the assets that we offer, including Commodities, Equity Indices, and Crude Oil.

Learn about the trading conditions for silver on our Asset Index page. Find out the trading hours for Silver on our Trading Hours page.